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Michael Sam

Michael Sam

Whenever cultural standards and norms change and evolve, there are some who feel uncomfortable about it – sometimes there’s even backlash. Every time a societal barrier has been broken there have been some who have had problems with it. We have certainly seen examples of that throughout history around issues relating to gender and race, and in recent years, sexual orientation.

Too often, those who may not be uncomfortable with the change fail to recognize the reality of the significance, or they choose not to recognize the significance. We’ve heard over and over again from some – “I don’t have a problem with it, but why does it have to be all about that?” A more specific example, “I don’t care if he’s black, but it should be about the baseball, not his race.”

Such is the recent case with football player Michael Sam, who became the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL.  Continue Reading…

In God’s Name

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Watch this only if you can stomach the reaction of “Christians” when their son tells them that his is gay.



You can read my recent post about religion here.


***UPDATE*** Here is the gofundme.com campaign set up to help Daniel.

God = Love

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FruitOfSpiritMost of us know what it’s like when something doesn’t feel right or it just doesn’t fit. Yet, even though it doesn’t feel right for us, we often try to fit ourselves into society’s pre-determined boxes. I’ve spent my life working to change some of those societal boxes, but I’ve ultimately decided to escape the boxes that I’ve tried to fit myself into. I choose to live my life in a way that’s authentic to who I am meant to be, not who others think I should be.

Earlier this year, I left the Republican Party and became an independent voter because I don’t think that any political party represents me. Party platforms, doctrine and orthodoxy just aren’t for me. While I generally have a right of center perspective, I’m too much of a free-thinker to fit into any political box.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about religion. (Holy shit, he’s about to go there!) Yes, religion.  Continue Reading…

Net Loss

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I appeared on Newsmax TV today to talk about the role of the so-called “social conservatives” in presidential election. I’ve said for a long time that they cost the Republican Party votes by making the GOP candidates appear out of touch with real life in America today.  Whatever votes they bring when they force candidates to subscribe to their doctrine are lost, and then some, when mainstream Americans find their candidates unacceptable.  Continue Reading…

Do You Listen to NPR?

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Aren’t you tired of most of the crap that they put on the radio and television? I am.

I was visiting with a friend of mine recently and we were talking about the choices in radio and television news/talk programming. First, I should tell you that she is a hardcore right-winger. In fact, we were together because she was in Washington for a conservative media conference.

npr-logoWe were in a crowded hotel bar that was full of conservative bloggers and others who were there for the conference too. She leaned over to me and lowered her voice, hoping nobody would overhear her ask me, “Do you listen to NPR?”

Of course I listen to NPR, I told her. It’s interesting. She said that she listens because she learns stuff from it. “I rarely learn anything new from FOX,” she said. I agreed.   Continue Reading…

Last week I posted the first three parts of VICE News‘s important feature about the Islamic State. VICE has now released the entire 42 minute video. Please take the time to watch it here.


Continue Reading…


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I haven’t posted here in the last couple of days because I have been working on a project that’s been on my mind for a long long time. In fact, it’s  the dream that I keep putting off pursuing. No more putting it off. I’ve taken on a “Just Do It” attitude.

The truth is, fear has held me back and kept me from actively pursuing some dreams my whole life. I’m sure that’s true for most people. That fear of failure (AND fear of success) has its strongest grip on us when we approach our biggest dreams – I know that’s true for me.  Continue Reading…

St. Anthony’s

August 15, 2014 — 6 Comments

314749_289578577738088_271587156_nGrowing up in an Air Force family, I had the opportunity to attend a lot of different schools – some good and some bad. After a horrible 5th grade year at a public school in Atwater, California, my parents sent my brother and me to the local Catholic school, St. Anthony’s.  (That was a much better option than the other private school in the area, the cuckoo school Central Valley Christian Academy.)

A 6th grade classmate posted some photos on Facebook today from a field trip we took to the California gold rush town of Columbia. Those photos reminded me about what a special place St. Anthony’s was and how much I miss those days.

My first few days at St. Anthony’s were a bit traumatic. It wasn’t just the normal trauma of a new school, it was the Catholic part that freaked me out the most. I wasn’t Catholic, and I had no idea what was going on! Sit, stand, kneel, bow, saints, statues, holy water, nuns and all that stuff was a bit overwhelming, but I adjusted soon enough. Continue Reading…