Tough Love for Clinton

One thing is absolutely certain in this election, Americans are fed up with the government and the two-party political establishment. We are pissed off at Republicans and Democrats and we are letting them know it. The most successful candidates, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, barely even wear the labels of Democrat and Republican. In fact, it just doesn’t seem like those old words Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, etc. mean what they used to mean before. There’s a new language in politics today.

Hillary Clinton absolutely got her ass handed to her in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, and that didn’t have to happen. She and her campaign just haven’t recognized today’s political realities and the new language of politics in 2016. Clinton hasn’t adapted to the new landscape, and is running a with the old language and context of the past.

Clinton actually started the campaign off on the right foot. Her “everyday Americans” announcement video and early campaign theme struck the right tone. It was essentially, “It’s about you and me, America. Let’s work together to make our country better.” Then she threw that message out the window and fell into to the traditional inside-the-box partisan establishment-type of politics that most people are sick of.  Read more

The Drudge Poll

Have you been following the online “polls” that the news aggregator site The Drudge Report has been running periodically this election cycle? I have, and it’s been especially interesting today, the day after the big Republican presidential debate in Iowa last night. You can vote and see the results here.

I wrote in my Salon column today about why that unscientific poll is important this year. Check it out:

This is why the Drudge Report poll matters: In a bad year for polls, this online vote keeps demonstrating Trump fervor

Rethinking the Gun Culture

I hope that you will click over to Salon to read my latest post there. I also hope that you’ll read it and think about it before commenting!

We need to rethink our gun culture, and we need to recognize the political and cultural realizes around guns. Check out my take on it. (FYI – I didn’t write the headline!) –

Former GOP insider explains how politicians exploit gun culture: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the real reason why no one can talk sense about guns

The Every Reason Except They’re Gay Takedown

In my latest piece over at, I wrote about Eric Fanning’s nomination to be the new secretary of the Army. I’m pretty sure I know why his nomination has been stalled in the US Senate  – “the every reason except they’re gay takedown.”

I hope you’ll check it out. Here’s a link to the post.

Pretending it’s not a gay takedown: Pat Roberts, the GOP and the bigotry driving the stalled nomination of Eric Fanning

“Watch Out Obama!”

My friend Andrew Kirell posted this video on Facebook. I shared it on my Facebook page, too.

This illustrates one of the things that I wrote about in my book, No Hope. There are many in Republican Party who are out of touch with modern America, and they reject our multi-cultural reality. This couple is supporting a candidate who shares their view, Ted Cruz.

Hillary Clinton understands and embraces modern American culture, and that’s one big reason why I am supporting her in 2016.

Please watch this video and think to yourself. These people vote. Is this the country you want?


Comment From a Reader of ‘No Hope’

“Jimmy! Your book addressed dilemmas that have been a political debacle in my mind for years. Growing up as a Republican in Kansas I frequently found myself between both sides as a gay man. The answer is clear to me, neither side is right for me at this point! Being authentic, thinking independently and true to yourself as you are doing is commendable. It is my goal and I follow your lead to be part of the Independent thinking Party! Thanks for the great read!”

-Reader of my book, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too).

I did something that I never thought I would do….well, in addition to supporting Hillary Clinton! I have committed to writing a regular recurring political column. I never thought I would do it because of the pressure of having to come up with something to write about on a regular basis, but this yearSalon the topics are plentiful! So, I said, “What the heck, I’ll do it.”

I am very excited to announce that you can find me over at a couple of times a month! My first piece appeared there this morning. You can read it here.

I hope you’ll check out my all of my Salon posts this coming election year!


I’m Ready for Hillary

I promised myself last year, when I declared my political independence, that I would never hide my true political beliefs in order to be a team player ever again. I committed to always saying just exactly what I think without regard of what others think about it. There may be times when many people agree with me, and other times when they don’t, but I resolved to always be true to myself.

To that end, I’ve decided to publicly register my choice in the 2016 presidential race. After watching the debates and considering all of the candidates, I’ve determined that I am ready.

Here’s part of what I wrote in a Huffington Post oped. –


This is my first presidential election as an independent voter. As a non-partisan, politically independent “normal person,” I have the freedom to objectively consider all candidates regardless of party. I don’t have the bias of political affiliation to tilt my point of view anymore. That freedom is something that I regret not embracing sooner. Now, I’ve taken a look at the candidates in both major parties, the minor parties, and even some possible independent candidates.

For me and other fiscally conservative, culturally modern voters who care about America’s place in the world, Hillary Clinton is the obvious choice for president in 2016.

To be sure, I disagree with Clinton on a number of specific policies, but no free-thinking American agrees with their candidate on every issue. That was obviously true in 2012 when I was the gay for Mitt, remember. It is important to judge the candidates on more than just their positions on specific issues. It’s their experience, depth of knowledge, and their vision of America that really matters. That’s because the vote for president is different and more important than any other vote we cast.


Read my entire Huffington Post piece here.