A New Majority

For the last four years I’ve spoken out on behalf of gay conservatives about how limited government, free-market principles, and conservative values are good for everyone – including gay people. As I have traveled around the country spreading that message, I’ve realized that it resonates with the majority of people I talk to – no matter who they are. I have come to understand that most Americans are just like me. Most Americans hold traditional conservative values, and have a vision of a limited form of government that puts freedom first.

I honestly think that we are in the middle of a political transformation in this country. I think that this transformation is especially evident for those of us whose political beliefs fall on the right of center. It’s been happening for some time, but after the 2012 election the momentum is really building. Our new majority coalition is in its infancy stages. Soon, this new majority will coalesce and mature to be a real force.

So who is in this new majority? Well it’s conservatives and libertarians and middle of the road folks, and most anyone who believes in a limited form of government that puts freedom first. One of my friends put it simply when she said, “normal people!” That’s right. It’s normal people just living their lives, trying to do their best and treat everyone else right, and they just want the government to do its job and leave them alone.

I started this blog to talk about issues affecting all of us, and what the government’s role is in those issues, and what our individual role is. I plan to talk a lot about public policy issues and cultural issues, and I hope that you will join the conversation here. I hope that as the conversation develops that you find that we agree on a lot and that you will join us in this new majority. You see, it only takes a few of us, and then a few more, and soon we’ll have a real movement.

3 Replies to “A New Majority”

  1. After being a “student” of politics for the last half century, it has been my observation that this is not a “new” majority, but rather this has been the majority during this time frame. As a moderate who tends conservative on fiscal issues and slightly left on some social issues, I do believe the political persuasion you describe has held the majority. It’s just that the majority of us are not as vocal as the squeaky wheels that are far left or far right in ideology.

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