Memorial Day Weekend

Granddaddy's Uniform
My grandfather’s Marine uniforms from World War II.

I haven’t accomplished much this weekend.  I had big plans to organize the basement and my closet, and finally finish up a couple of projects outside.  I didn’t get much of that done.  I did get around to starting to sort through some of the clothes in my closet – with the rule that if I hadn’t worn it in two years, then it was either going to Goodwill or the garbage.  That project was progressing nicely until I came across Granddaddy’s old Marine uniforms from World War II.  He passed away back in 1989, and I’ve had those uniforms since Mimi (my grandmother) died last year.

Granddaddy Wounded
Letter to his Aunt Kaki notifying her that Granddaddy had be wounded at Iowa Jima.

Granddaddy, like most young men of his generation including my other grandfather (Grandpap), did what everyone did and that was to join the war effort.  One day he was a high school sports star in Kentucky and the next he was a marine heading off to war in the Pacific. He was badly wounded at Iowa Jima – lucky to come home alive.  He carried the memory of the war with him in every step he took with the leg that was forever maimed.

Looking at my grandfather’s uniforms today got me to thinking about how fortunate we are in this country.  We are fortunate that so many young men and women throughout our history have put their lives on the line for us.

You know, we talk a lot about freedom and liberty.  We talk about how America is a beacon of freedom, and how that freedom shouldn’t end at our borders. We talk about how we should promote freedom around the world.  I am so grateful for all of the Americans that do more than just talk about our freedom – many risk everything for it.

On this Memorial Day let’s remember all those brave Americans throughout our nation’s history who have risked everything and paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy.