Just Do It….Now.

My friend Kevin Williams, producer of the documentary Fear of a Black Republican, recently interviewed me for his Politisite.com column “People You Should Know.”  One of the questions in his wide-ranging interview was – What advice would you offer someone, young or old, on perseverance and getting involved in Politics?  Immediately after I read that question I thought about how I got involved in politics in College Republicans and my local Republican committee.  I also thought about my dream of moving to Washington to work in national politics.  That was a dream I put off realizing, and I regretted postponing it.  This was my answer to Kevin’s question –

 Twenty years ago I really wanted to move to Washington to start working in national politics. I didn’t do it then because I didn’t have any money or a job. I regretted for years, until I finally just did it. By then I was in my mid 30s just getting started in Washington. I wish I had gotten that start in my 20s. So the moral of the story is that if you have a dream, just do it…now. No matter what your dream is in the political arena, find a path (or make one like I did) and take it.

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