“I never listened to the naysayers”

I’ve listened to the Rush Limbaugh Show since the beginning.  In the early days I wasn’t always able to get it on a local station, but I would tune in to some of the nighttime replays when distant signals would come in.  Rush celebrated 25 years on the air this week.

I was listening to the 25th anniversary show yesterday when he said some things that really hit home for me.  I’m sure that his words will resonate with most people who have ever taken risks to follow their dreams.  CNSNews has the audio clip here.

The part about ignoring the naysayers is just what I needed to hear this week.  When Chris Barron and I started GOProud, the naysayers were everywhere.  Many people, including people I used to consider to be friends, weren’t supportive.  I am proud that we proved them wrong and built an organization that has had a significant presence in the national political arena since 2009. 

Now in 2013, I am embarking on a different path.  It’s a path that is deeply personal and will lead me to achieve my most ambitious dreams.  Recently, the naysayers have come out in force to feed the feelings of self-doubt and to encourage me to lower my sights.  I have news for them.  I am going to prove them all wrong – again.  Go ahead naysayers, underestimate me – again.  I’ll show you – again.

Limbaugh’s sharing his story of overcoming obstacles has reminded me to draw on the inner strength I need to succeed.  Rush, thank you for the words of wisdom and congratulations on your 25 years of proving them wrong.

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