Like most Americans, I was horrified and outraged at the terror attack last year in Benghazi that resulted in the death of four Americans, including the United States Ambassador to Libya. I’ve been just as horrified and outraged at the Obama Administration’s handling and explanation of the events there. From Susan Rice’s lies on national television to Hillary Clinton’s “What difference does it make” comments, the Administration has badly mishandled the situation.  The lies and incompetence have led many to rightly question the competence of the entire foreign policy operation.

Yesterday, CNN’s Jake Tapper broke a story that may shed some light on what happened in Benghazi.  He reported that about a dozen CIA operatives were on the ground there during the attack. The story is fascinating. Read it here.  In addition to raising many more questions about Benghazi, Tapper’s story is also a reminder that we have spies who do very dangerous work in order to keep us safe.

I don’t think that we will ever know the real truth of what happened that tragic day last year.  Honestly, I think that the truth may be more than most of us want to know – it would probably scare the hell out of us. That said, I do believe that the Administration owes the American people a truthful explanation.  Even if it’s as simple as truthfully labeling the event “a highly classified CIA operation.”  I’d be ok with that because I know that we have spies and they do secret stuff, but lying to the American people is not ok – no matter who is doing it.

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