Something has bothered me for a long time.  I haven’t said anything because it’s something about a politician who I largely agree with, but I can’t stay silent any longer.

I have long admired Senator Ted Cruz’s ability to deliver a message that resonates with a lot people, including me, but something about his style has rubbed me the wrong way. When I watch him deliver speeches to large crowds it reminds me of a well rehearsed televangelist speaking in one of those arena style mega-churches.  Each pause in his speaking, tilt of the head, and hand gesture delivered just the way he practiced it.  His hair is always perfectly poofed, his smile is just at the right moments, and his sincerity is always suspect in my mind. I have tolerated the theatrics because I felt that the message was more important, but today the theatrics overcame the message.  


I was shocked today to see his tacky display at the White House. He and others kneeled for the cameras to publicly pray. Using religion to further his political brand, Showbiz Ted crossed the line for me. The political statement they were making didn’t matter to me because I was so appalled by the stunt.

His dramatics are just too much, even for me – and I’m a GAY!

Authenticity in a politician is important because, at the end of the day, voters need to be able to trust them.  I just don’t know if Ted has it. Maybe he should try Hollywood.

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  1. I agree. When the theatrics upstage the message there is a problem. A blatant misuse of religious belief is also not appropriate. What did Jesus say about the Pharisees who loved to be seen praying in public? Same thing here. And I am a Gay Christian. Yes, the sincerity of Cruz is at question. Now longer is it the message, but the messenger. When the messenger takes over the center stage and the message is lost, there is a problem.

    1. Point of correction, there is no such a gay christian. Do u want to tell me Jesus was gay? Excuse me, we are not blind. Read your bible very well and you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Read Genesis 19

  2. well!!!!!!! judging from the picture yes i would agree with you “gay” individuals about the inappropriate display of public theatrics with the public praying as Jesus did say we should pray privately in our closets!!!!!!! however with you jimmy and you mark, what do we have but another “gay” display to contend with!!!!!!! http://hereitis.ws states that homosexuality IS a sin and i do not see any repentance on your part but actual in your face gay gay gay parading again!!!!!! simple identical twin studies clearly show that homosexuality is NOT genetically determined and your admission of committing the homosexual lifestyle is perhaps even worse!!!!!!! oh, yes, i am aware of the beam in my eye and the spec in yours but i at least try to repent sometimes of my sins!!!!!!! what about you two “gay” sinners admittedly expressing your sinful nature???!!!!!!! NOW you both are in a glass house throwing stones!!!!!!!

    1. This is exactly why the GOP will fail yet again. Stop judging, and let’s pull it together. The libtards LOVE seeing behavior like this- please stop. Agree to disagree on some things. But come on already. Level heads prevail.

      1. Actually Kristen, we have had the opposite problem on our side. We usually all pull together even when we know something is wrong. We have to stand up and say something or we’ll end up with a flawed leader. I don’t want a Mitt Romney situation again. Where we all got on board for the good of the team even when we knew he was a phony. I’m just trying to raise the red flag now before it’s 2016.

  3. Disappointed to see you joining the Establishment in bashing Ted Cruz. He is one of very few politicians who walks his talk. If Repubs finally have someone able to cogently, fiercely, and explicitly defend the Conservative message, that’s a good thing, with or without the “drama”.

    1. HA! I am anything but establishment. I never bashed the message, I just question the sincerity. Thanks for commenting. Hope all is well with you.

      1. Didn’t accuse you of “being” the Establishment, just “joining” them in trying to take down Cruz, the most articulate voice we have, and one of the few politicians to keep his word and fight the good fight.

  4. It seems Ted Cruz emulates the Benny Hinn Ministry repackaged in Tea Party gift wrapping paper. It’s not difficult to research and find the associations between Ted, his father, and several of the fundamentalist evangelical group leaders in the Prosperity Ministry circles. If you desire a far right wing religious theocrat driving political agenda he’s your best man. However, Senator Cruz represents the extreme right wing element and there is no “big tent” in his long term game plan. That’s perfectly acceptable for many, but it’s not fine for a lot more of us. Ted Cruz is has mastered the calculated showmanship of these ministries using charlatan ways to draw on people’s emotion and pocket book. Many will fall for it, but many will wise up.

    1. You can actually say that with a straight face and not look at the current president’s past “community organizing” theatrics so well played in the public theatre that we was elected president and has NO credentials to hold the position. Ted’s at least got some background that has legitimacy. AND while we are talking… there is nothing wrong with praying in front of the capitol. We (gay men) protest in front of the capitol and express it differently… why criticize his right to pray and we have the same right of “display”.

  5. When praying to God it must be done with sincerity of the heart, and selflessness. I would have respected this more if he would have walked on his own, at a time where there were no cameras, and stood by the gates of the White House and prayed for a moment and walked away. He made a mistake here.

  6. I couldn’t disagree more. While Jesus wasn’t a christian… Ted is and I think such a blatant display of his zeal would have been perfectly natural in 1903. You should read the GQ article on Ted; I found it to be thoughtful and respectful if distant and awkward. He believes is own theatrics and that’s all the sincerity that I need.

  7. Having run around the state of Florida for months promoting Marco Rubio and believing that he truly was a tea party candidate before he was elected senator, let me just say I’m jaded. I trust NO ONE in DC, especially when their names are being mentioned as prospective presidential candidate. Ted Cruz gave a 21 hour speech against ObamaCare and then voted with every other senator (unanimous) to move forward with the continuing resolution. As CBS put it, “After a 21-hour, 19-minute speech from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, lambasting Obamacare and urging his colleagues not to move forward with a vote on the House Republican spending plan, he and his 99 other colleagues voted to move forward.” Huh? No one is perfect, but I really have to question motives. And the fact that these men have knee cushions in the picture?!?! Come on! I’m sure Yeshua carried a cushion around with him too…especially when he prayed privately in the Garden.

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