Young Voters

My friend Josh Nass recently started a new organization called Voices of Conservative Youth.  (I am honored to serve on its Board.)  VOCY is working to show young voters that conservative policies are good for everyone, no matter who you are, and that free-market policy solutions are the best way to ensure our prosperous future.

Josh talks a lot about how we can attract more young voters to the Republican Party.  One way is to embrace the conservative position on marriage and support civil marriage for gay couples.  In this video clip Josh calls marriage equality a “gateway issue” for young people.  In other words, young voters won’t listen to anything else you have to say on other issues if they think that you discriminate against their gay family and friends.  Watch this great clip –


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  1. Astute and intelligent take on the issue which is important to attracting younger voters. I agree the issue of equality for all long-term couples in committed relationships is make-or-break point with many in the younger generation.

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