A Solutions-Driven Agenda

healthcareI think that I’m in agreement with most Americans, because I think that most of America hates Obmacare, too! Recent polls back that up. In my case, my monthly health insurance premium has gone through the roof, and I can’t even get online to find out if I can get a more affordable policy through the government-run exchange. I’ve always known that the government can’t ever seem to do anything right, so the fact that their websites don’t work isn’t a surprise. I guarantee that if Congress had passed, and the President signed, free-market healthcare reforms a few years ago that the companies who were able to get their websites up and running would be selling more policies than those who didn’t – that’s the way the market works.

Honestly, I’m starting to wonder if maybe broken websites and higher premiums are a good thing. Maybe America needed to feel the pain, and to see the disaster that’s Obamacare in order to understand that our health insurance system does need to be reformed, but reformed to allow the market to work.

Now, some have chosen to shut down the government to protest Obamacare, instead of offering solutions to the problems facing Americans. It seems to me that voters in 2014 are going to be searching for candidates who can fix the healthcare mess with free-market based reforms that will work. That’s certainly what I would be talking about if I were a politician – instead of staging stunts in parks.

This seems to happen way too often. Some conservatives love fighting yesterday’s argument by fighting about the process. What happens when they do that is voters start to think that they are out of touch and they don’t understand the reality that most Americans face every day. I can list a dozen issues where that’s been the case. It results in the perception that they are only driven to oppose liberals’ government-based solutions, and that they are void of their own.

The truth is that our country is hurting – years of recession and a struggling economy, and political gridlock in Washington, have many Americans in state of total despair. They are hungry for solutions. They have given up on the hope, because they realized that hoping things get better doesn’t make it reality. Their reality demands real solutions – not fights about the process.

I predict that in 2014 and 2016, political candidates with forward-looking, solutions-driven agendas will fair far better than the “I’m against everything” crowd currently driving today’s news cycle.

There are a lot of people in Washington and around the country who are advocating for free-market based solutions to help make life better for everyone in America. Over the next few weeks, I’ll start to share some of their proposals here, in hopes of helping to build solutions-driven agendas that candidates can take into next year’s elections.

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  1. The poll results you cite do not back up the assertion that Americans hate Obamacare, but suggest the reform is complicated and there’s some confusion on what it means, and frankly your party bears a lot of responsibility for that confusion.

    As for solution-based strategies, I would agree they’ll be much more effective than the ‘no-to-everything-but-I-have-no-solutions-of-my-own’-strategies we’re seeing from a few ‘leaders.’

  2. The exchange in California is working fine. And i’m seeing the same insurance companies that have driven my insurance up over the past two years, with terms that have meant i’ve received zero treatment benefits, while they’ve claimed hardship and fear of Obamacare AND recorded record profits. These same companies when pushed into real competition in the exchanges, all of a sudden seem to be able to provide the best health insurance i’ve ever had — on my own or through any employer, with more benefits, zero deductible, the lowest co-pay, no limits on pre-existing conditions, and no cap on benefits.
    What the heck are you talking about?
    Any initiative like this is going to have some issue starting out, especially when minority hell-bent on sabotaging, sending out false information making quite clear their behavior is _____________ (fill in the blank)
    a. childish,
    b. racist,
    c. anti-American,
    d. election denying,
    e. dense they can’t take yes for an answer though the dems have given into all their budget demands,
    f. scared now that they are victims of their own gerrymandered success or
    g. all of the above),
    but those radicals holding up the government and you are certainly NOT representative of the majority of Americans when say you oppose Obamacare.
    Look…one more time…
    A majority of both houses passed Obamacare.
    The Supreme Court upheld it.
    The voters sent the president back for a second term by a large margin which was certainly a referendum on the Affordable Care Act.
    40+ attempts to defund it, have been voted down every time.
    The more people know about the Act, the more they support it in polls and more have signed up in the few states reporting early numbers than expected.

    I’m not sure where you were through the AIDS crisis, but a lot of hard-working, tax-paying Americans were hideously discriminated against and were screwed over hugely by these companies…and it was a lot worse than a web site going out because so many people are so hungry for information that they overwhelmed an ambitious new program in its first days.

    You say your insurance has gone through the roof. You either had a sweetheart deal before or accidentally-on-purpose aren’t researching it right. I’d be happy to help you actually research that. A lot of these free market companies you’re wanting to put the health insurance in the hands of are currently lying to consumer and trying to milk all they can cynically in the last days of this free-for-all made possible by the the fear and misinformation sewn by your party.
    For example, Aetna is hitting up those of us with insurance at Costco with a “deal” to “lock in” the “savings” through 2014 to avoid possible “huge increases” that reform “might” bring. Only problem is they know better and these plans would cost anyone a minimum of $2000 more in 2014 than if one subscribes to Obamacare witha worse plan.

    So which is worse? Lying companies trying to charge me $2000+ more per year without shame, or the well-intentioned, closely watched state exchanges that are taking a few days to upgrade their sites to meet the high levels of interest. Defending the behavior of free-market health care is not possible. You are aware that we remain the only industrialized country that does not provide health care as a right?

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