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I was impressed with Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) today.  He dropped his appeal to the State Supreme Court of a lower court’s ruling that resulted in legal civil marriage for gay couples in New Jersey.  He could have kept his appeal before the Court and dragged out and delayed the inevitable, but he chose to accept the inevitability of same-sex marriage and move on.  This was politically the best decision he could have made. Bravo Governor.

I have a piece up over at urging conservatives who support civil marriage for gay couples to come out and vocally support it in an effort to help the process move along to it’s inevitable conclusion.  The longer this issue is on the table, then the longer that the disagreement among conservatives will be highlighted by the media.  It’s in everybody’s best interested to just get it done.  I wrote that staying silent in their support is doing damage to the conservative movement. –

You see, what’s happening is that by helping to delay the inevitable outcome by trying to downplay division, conservatives who support marriage equality are only helping to keep that division alive longer.  That’s not in the best interest of the conservative movement.  The best thing for the movement is for marriage equality supporters to come out and say so – to help move this issue to its inevitable conclusion as fast as possible.

You can read my entire op-ed here.

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  1. Agreed. I have been saying the same thing for quite a long time in many post on my own blog, From the Cornfield. We have progressed far down the road toward equality for all Americans in a long-term, committed relationship, but have not arrived yet. Life, liberty, equality – not just for some, but for everyone.

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