Don’t Take it Personally


My latest post over at Rare is pretty personal.  I wrote about my experience working at the intersection of culture and politics for much of my career.  Life as a “professional gay conservative” can be emotionally draining.

Earlier this year, I realized just how much of a toll it had taken on me.  I realized that I had internalized many of the attacks and let them get to me.

Since then I’ve been working to make sure that, whether it’s in politics or life, I don’t take things personally.  It’s easier said than done, but I try.  It’s something we should all do.  I wrote  –

That doesn’t have to apply just to politics or people in the political arena. All of us have times when things affect us personally because everyone is passionate about something. Passion is what motivates us all to work harder. It’s a virtue, but only if it’s sustainable.

If we internalize everything and don’t take care of ourselves, we’ll flame out and that’ll do no one any good. We all need to remember that sometimes we just have to chill out and put things into perspective.

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