One-Way Bridges

bridgeMost people who talk in the media will agree with me when I say that sometimes I just want to go back and get a do-over after some interviews. That was certainly the case earlier today when I appeared on MSNBC’s The Cycle.

The interview went just fine. I thought I did a good job on live national television. One of the hosts, Abby Huntsman, asked me about what advice I would give Reince Priebus and other conservative leaders to help them grow the Republican Party and conservative movement. 

I gave her one of my usual answers to that question – something about reaching out to everyone, whoever they are. When the interview was over, I thought, “I wish I could answer that last question again.”

I should have told Abby that it’s too late for the GOP and it wouldn’t matter what my advice is. You see, I have spent my career building one-way bridges to the establishment in Washington, and they have made it very clear that they don’t care what I have to say. I’m done giving them advice that they don’t want to hear.

My efforts going forward are going to be to promote pro-growth free-market solutions to help make our country better. That’s a much better use of my time, because fixing our country is much more important than fixing a broken political party that’s beyond repair.

I know that many of you agree with me. So let’s all come together to restore America with free-market policies that will benefit all of us – no matter who we are.

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  1. It can be hard to burn bridges but it sounds like you have a positive alternative to offer, so why not!

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