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I have said before that I think that we are in the midst of a political recalibration in our country. The old labels of “conservative” or “liberal,” “Democrat” or “Republican” just don’t seem to fit anymore, do they? Lots of polling over the last year or so confirms it. Gallup recently found that 42% of voters don’t feel represented by either major political party and identify as “independent,” and the NBC-Esquire poll last fall looked at a lot of specific issues and defined a “new center” in American politics.

There is a New Majority now. I think that most Americans have a common vision of government – a limited government that lives within its means, doesn’t spend too much and doesn’t take any more of our money.

We want a government that treats all of us the same and stays out of our lives so that we can pursue our American Dream with equal opportunity.

We want America to be the beacon of freedom in the world. We want an engaged foreign policy, but we don’t want to be the world’s policeman who is always automatically involved in every foreign conflict.

We may disagree on some specific issues, but I truly think that most of us have a common vision of the role of government. The problem is that, too often, we allow our cultural differences to divide us. 

The media and the political establishment love to fan the flames of the cultural divisions. Whether it’s the so-called wars on women & Christmas, Duck Dynasty or race relations, they benefit and make money off of dividing us. The reality is that often times, when they are highlighting our differences on TV or the public arena, they aren’t fighting about actual government policy. It’s about cultural.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some cultural issues that actually concern current or proposed government policy, but it’s not as often as they make it seem. There is probably even a lot more agreement on those issues than we think. I think that while we may disagree on the outcome of an issue, in a lot of those cases, the New Majority probably generally agrees on what the role of the government should be.

I was talking with some friends of mine over dinner one night. We were talking about this New Majority and what we believe in. One of my friends blurted out – “we’re normal people.”

So that’s what I’ve been calling us – A New Majority of Normal People!

Most of us normal people are just tired of the constant fighting on TV and the dysfunction in our government. Most of us are looking around at each other and wondering how all of these crazy people got put on TV and in charge of the government!

I think it’s time for more normal people to be in charge, don’t you?

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  1. “New Majority”? “Normal People”?

    This was not one of your better posts, Jimmy. You failed to define terms. You sound like a rabblerouser for a new bedtime tale that will put us all at ease and make us get along with each other and live happily ever after in this Republic. Sounds like a combo of old aphorisms, “All you need is love” and “Why can’t we just all get along with each other.” I’m sure that your years in politics have served you better than happily whisking us by unexamined sentiments that seem to be taken from 60’s chic — namely those from an “Up With People” rally combined with the “forever peace-and-harmony” chants of Woodstock.

    Have you taken a poll about who’s in this New Majority and whether they are “normal”. I’d love to see the numbers.

    You post seems almost to be a veiled call for the people you mentioned to forget all about their differences and philosophies, smoke the peace pipe of this newly heartfelt patriotic fervor and come together…just like any “normal” person would. Right? You might add that we don’t have problems — we just have challenges. Throw in a touch of synergistic tension together with that venerable old standby, “The Team”, and you’ve got yourself a new country. Maybe even one with Hope and Change in it.

    It may sound harsh, but you sound like a 1950’s feel-good writer for Reader’s Digest. It’s not that Reader’s Digest hasn’t been a good magazine. It’s just that the most important stories never tell the whole story. Thus, I find in you, Jimmy, someone who nowadays tells us the story but only part of it, as if you left out the main storylines and the solutions. Where you could be talking about fundamentals, you are in essence writing about the daisies of the field, the warmth of the fire and the crackle of popcorn — but not the spark of principles, values and virtues that this country so desperately needs at this hour.

    Jimmy, you have a great talent and a great persona. And we need more from you. Your recent political freedom from the confines of a political organization have given you a wide dais on which to plant your views and truly bring this country into harmony with itself. Please give us more than an empowerment circle over a slow, lazy, midnight campfire. Help us to grab hold of the spark and flame of passion for real, objective solutions to our nation’s woes. Don’t avoid truth or cover it with sentiments. Bring it out. Shout it out. Like all of us in this country, you can be the bell in the tower or the bell on a pet. You can create a rational movement of likeminded citizens to bring this country into balance. Of you can wear a bell so everyone knows who and where you are. But unless you tell us truly what you can do, our ears are apt not to listen.

    Speak loudly and carry the passion of America with you. We need you. And you need us. Godspeed in your endeavors.

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