A couple of months ago, I wrote posts here and here about the importance of connecting culture, including pop-culture, with politics. I think it’s critical for politicians to demonstrate that they are in touch with the day-to-day lives of most Americans.

I came across a clever ad last week that is a great example of connecting culture to politics. Everyone I know has been involved in a Facebook conversation before. Check out how this video uses an everyday situation, that everyone can relate to, to convey a political message.


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  1. Interesting ad.

    Social media has given Democrats an edge and Republicans still can’t seem to fully figure it out. In order to get young people to vote, they not only want to see an adeptness with policy but also with social media. It is such a major source of connection and lacking a FB or Twitter account could be seen automatically as out of touch.

    When people see a politician on TV, in the newspaper, or in an ad, the first place they go to is Google. They do a search and often want to go to their FB or Twitter page and see all of their thoughts and feelings. Giving them more of an objective look outside of the media spotlight and the biases that come with it.

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