It’s Over

The Honey Maid video below tells you everything you need to know about the culture war that has raged for decades over homosexuality. It’s something most Americans have known for some time now. It’s over.

A corporate giant like Honey Maid would not mount such an aggressive campaign if it wasn’t good for business. Earlier this year, I wrote a post, Life in America Today, about corporate America’s embrace of diversity. In all of the recent ad campaigns featuring diverse families, including gay families, the connection to traditional American values is key.

It’s their recognition that gay people are an important part of the fabric of America. You all know this. The companies want consumers to know that they recognize this too.

So the message is clear.┬áThe bottom-line is that the anti-gay forces of intolerance have lost. It’s time for them to move on.

I get chills every time I see such a strong cultural indicator demonstrating how far we’ve come. This ad is no different.

Watch this cool video –


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