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Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Governor and FOX News Channel Host Mike Huckabee has been on an anti-gay rampage cloaked in victimhood recently.

He has given speeches where he’s gone so far as to say that there is more freedom in North Korea than in the United States. Yes, he really said that – read it here. He’s also argued that he’s “not a homophobe.”

Just this weekend on his TV show, he and the leader of the professional anti-gay industry Tony Perkins criticized corporate CEOs and corporate America for capitulating to gay Americans in fear of “economic terrorism.” Watch this – 


Huckabee is upset because public opinion has moved so fast on the issue of civil marriage for gay couples that the majority of Americans believe his position on the issue is outside of the mainstream, and many think it’s just unacceptable.

Public opinion has moved faster than anyone could have predicted. You see, this is an example of how yesterday’s deeply held belief is today’s untenable position.

It’s not the first time in history that this has happened. It wasn’t that long ago that opposition to interracial marriage was a common opinion. When it came to the question of whether to ban it, was just seen as a different policy position. Now, of course, nobody in the mainstream of American society would consider that a valid opinion. They’d think it racist. (Because it is racist.)

Look, everyone has the right to believe whatever you want to believe in this country. That’s awesome. Nobody should face legal or physical harm for their views, but the reality is that some views over time become unacceptable to most Americans. When that happens, then there are economic and political consequences. Whatever you think of it. That’s just reality.

I think the cultural shift on the gay marriage issue snuck up on the opposition. Some of them just aren’t ready to move on. Their victimhood in the face of those economic and political consequences only makes them look further and further out of touch with life in America today.

Note to Mike Huckabee – If you want to be a contender for national office in 2016, then you should move on and talk about your vision for the future. Voters aren’t likely to respond to your new role as the old, out of touch victim who is living in the past.

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2 Replies to “Old Man Huckabee”

  1. State Supreme Courts are knocking down prohibitions against same-sex marriage left and right. The Federal Supreme Courts summarily did the same thing last year. Now, I realize there are many people who feel the same way Governor Huckabee does, but they know not to say it all out in public. And that’s fine. The bottom line is that SSM is NOT an issue conservatives are going to win on, and they need to leave it alone.

  2. The fascinating thing to me is that for roughly 1960 years in the A.D. era, Huckabee and Perkins’ worldview is the one that held sway. It was the dominant view. No one dare oppose it, and those few who did, were met by the collective force of all major organized religions, civil codes, media, moral and education institutions, etc. And what H & P are now trying to argue is that in the 70 years since they have now been transformed into poor persecuted victims. Try and sell that load of crap on someone else.

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