A lot of people have asked me about the recent news that the organization I helped found, GOProud, is closing. I wrote a personal post a few days ago on this site. You can read that here. Today, Chris Barron and I wrote a piece for the Breitbart News site. Chris and I came up with the idea for GOProud and worked together to build it.

This is part of what we have to say now that GOProud is no more – 

When we founded GOProud in 2009 people thought we were nuts. We wanted to provide a strong voice for gay conservatives and their conservative allies. We had this crazy idea that you could have a group that represented gay and straight people that was authentically conservative. We had this crazy idea that maybe there was room for one gay group that would talk about the issues that REALLY impact gay Americans–jobs, the economy, taxes, retirement security, and healthcare–and do some from a strongly conservative place.

We set out to challenge conventional wisdom and show the world that all gays aren’t left-wing liberals AND all conservatives aren’t anti-gay homophobes.


We are incredibly proud of the work we did in our four years at GOProud and incredibly honored to have gotten to work side-by-side with so many amazing friends and allies within the conservative movement. For us, the end of GOProud is certainly bittersweet. But the end of the entity is not the end of the mission, nor is it the end of the work that gay and straight conservatives will continue to do to build a stronger movement and a better country.


I hope that you will go to Breitbart News and read our entire essay.