What If…?

supreme-court-gay-marriage-79f6c565b514711eI was pleased to see that the Republican National Committee chose Cleveland, Ohio over Dallas, Texas to host its 2016 RNC National Convention. Politically, it was a very smart move. (I think the recent anti-gay and anti-immigrant antics/rhetoric of the Texas Republican Party made the Texas location a political liability.)

There was something else in today’s announcement that intrigued me. The other news that came in the announcement is that the convention will be held at the end of June, instead of a more traditional late-summer date. According to Politico

Republican officials wanted an earlier convention in 2016, to allow the nominee to pivot more quickly to the general election. Cleveland offered up a late June date, while Dallas was considering mid-July, reports said, though an RNC spokeswoman said Tuesday that the exact timing was still part of the negotiation process.

There’s one big “What if” that comes to mind with that news. The end of June is when the US Supreme Court traditionally ends its term, usually by releasing its most high-profile decisions. What if the end of June 2016 is when the SCOTUS announces its (widely expected) decision regarding civil marriage for gay couples?

Many experts, and lay observers alike, believe that issue will make its way to the Court in the next two terms. What if it’s 2016? AND what if the decision comes down the week of the RNC Convention!?!

Can you even imagine? That’s fun to think about, isn’t it?