Lost Cause

Earlier this year, I left the Republican Party, in part, because I thought it was a lost cause. The purpose of political parties is to win elections, and I don’t think that the GOP has the ability to ever win an national election again.

There have been many things over the last six months that have confirmed my view, but an email blast from the RNC this week, and the reaction to it, summed up the GOP’s problems in one incident. The Republican establishment is so out of touch that they don’t even know what their own base thinks.

The Twitchy website, a conservative site that reports on messages on social media (mostly Twitter), reported on the email blast –

Fundraising emails are an essential part of politics, but the RNC’s latest email to followers is rubbing quite a few the wrong way. Perhaps it’s the opening accusation, “Did you abandon the Republican Party?”

Read some of the reaction to the RNC’s question via Twitchy here.

If the Republican establishment wasn’t so tone deaf, then maybe the RNC’s email would have said something like this –

“We know we’ve messed up, but we are trying to better. We need money to right the ship. Will you help?” or like a cheating boyfriend begging for a second chance,

“Baby, we are sorry we’ve strayed, but we just can’t live without you. Please take us back.” But even that wouldn’t be enough.

The real truth is that the Republican Party is in irreversible decline because its stale old message doesn’t resonate with the American people. None of the recent cosmetic changes or threatening emails from the RNC are going to regain enough support to make it a viable national party again. Turn out the lights. The Party is over.



3 Replies to “Lost Cause”

  1. I’ve said this any number of times about gay conservatives: no matter what you think of their politics, you can never doubt their loyalty and adherence to their principles. And if a 20-year member that endured that much decides to break rank with little comment from the party, then yes, Jimmy, the GOP is a lost cause. They never missed their water until the well ran dry.

  2. Jimmy, I think you are right! There are many Gay conservatives, but I think now we would be called classic Liberals, but either way The Republicans do not want Us! Yet at The same time it seems The test of a Conservative these days is How Much Do You Oppose Gay marriage? I now find myself more Libertarian!

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