Change, again?

Representative Tom Marino (R-PA)
Representative Tom Marino (R-PA)

A few days ago, Representative Tom Marino (R-PA) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) kinda got into it on the floor of the US. House. What provoked the incident? Well, Marino correctly stated that the Congress has failed to address the issue of border security for a long time, including during the time when Pelosi served as speaker. He was right.

Congressman Marino also made another point – one I’m not sure that he intended to make. No matter who is in charge in Washington, nothing changes. 

Several times in recent years, the American people have gone to the polls to vote for “change.” It happened when Pelosi and the Democrats came to power in 2006, then with President Obama’s election in 2008, and again with the “Tea Party” election of 2010. What’s happened? Each time we have a “change” election we always seem to get the same outcome – dysfunctional government.

The problem is that those in Congress and the President have forgotten what their job is. They think that their job is to raise money and campaign for election so that they can gain more political power. They are wrong. Their job is to govern the country. AND govern according to the Constitution.

This week, they’ve all walked off the job, headed for vacations and campaigns, while we have a deteriorating crisis at the border. They honestly think that it’s more important to vacation and campaign than to deal with the crisis! Something has to change.

Now, many predict that this year’s mid-term elections will be another change election, with the Republicans likely to take control of the US Senate. Folks, the only thing that will be different if that happens is that we will trade out one old out-of-touch bastard (Harry Reid) for another old out-of-touch bastard (Mitch McConnell). Both of them have spent decades in the Senate, and they are the one’s responsible for the mess!

We should have a “change” election this November. Any person on the ballot with “Representative” or “Senator” in front of their name should lose, regardless of whether there is a “D” or an “R” behind their name. They have had their chance to change and they have failed.

We should be electing new people – candidates who are committed to making our government work again.

Do it America. Throw the bums out. Do it for real this time.




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  1. You are right. But it won’t happen. AMericans either don’t vote or, if they do, they are tribal in their voting. Anyway, another great post!

  2. I love it when they say I’m not an insider vote for me. Of course you are, you watch the news, you’ve met with the leadership and you belong to a political group.

    There should be no parties, we hire people, they elect the leaders in congress and govern. No dem or repub bills, American bills.

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