I haven’t posted here in the last couple of days because I have been working on a project that’s been on my mind for a long long time. In fact, it’s  the dream that I keep putting off pursuing. No more putting it off. I’ve taken on a “Just Do It” attitude.

The truth is, fear has held me back and kept me from actively pursuing some dreams my whole life. I’m sure that’s true for most people. That fear of failure (AND fear of success) has its strongest grip on us when we approach our biggest dreams – I know that’s true for me. 

Lately, I’ve also been afraid about basic things too. How will I survive while I work toward my dreams? Things are bad, but what if they get worse by doing this? How can I afford to take these risks now? No more. Waiting until it’s easier to take the risks to pursue your dreams will be a long long wait.

Now is the time to focus and pursue those big dreams. I think it’s the time for everyone, because everyone is feeling some fear in the uncertain times we are living in. Maybe you are out of work, or afraid you might lose the job you have. Maybe you have settled into a career that you hate just to survive.

We all seem to have more motivation than ever to follow our dreams, but the obstacles on our path to realizing our dreams are bigger than ever too. That’s why it’s more important than ever to help each other out.

There will always be an excuse to wait. There will always be a a reason not to do it. I’m ignoring all those reasons and obstacles now, and focusing on the dream. What are you waiting for?

Focus on your dream. Help others pursue theirs, and pretty soon, all of us will have our goals in sight.



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    1. Thanks Ginger. I needed to hear it now too. That’s why I posted it!

      Time for us to find our ruby slippers and make our way down the yellow brick road!

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