The Independents – A Movement

Many of my blog posts this year have been about my political evolution from Republican activist to liberated (and pissed off) independent. Like most Americans, I just don’t think that any major political party reflects my beliefs and values. So, I joined the New Majority of voters who are not affiliated with a party.

US Senate Candidate Greg Orman (I-KS)
US Senate Candidate Greg Orman (I-KS)

More and more candidates are joining this New Majority, too. This year there are two US Senate races with credible independent candidates. News out of Kansas today shows that independent Greg Orman is leading incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts in the polls! In South Dakota, former Republican Sen. Larry Pressler is making an independent run for his old seat and is in a tight three-way race. 

Why is it that these candidates are gaining traction? There are a ton of reasons for it. First, people are tired of the same old players doing the same old thing in Washington. It’s the major parties who have gotten our country in the mess that we are in. AND all they seem to do is fight and campaign about who is in charge. That’s their goal. Be in the majority. Continue to play the games.

Next, and most importantly, neither party reflects the beliefs and values of most Americans. Greg Orman is leading in Kansas because he is able to build his own brand authentic to who he is. He is fiscally sane and culturally modern in his thinking. That’s where most Americans are, and that’s unlike the fiscally irresponsible Democratic and cultural-neanderthal Republican brands. (The same is basically true about Pressler in South Dakota.)

What’s happening in these Senate races is just the beginning. It’s a real movement, and we’ll see more and more candidates breaking out of the political party boxes and building their own brands to seek election to offices up and down the ballot. I predict that, depending who the parties nominate in 2016, there could even be a credible candidate for President of the United States in a couple of years.

I am so excited to see this! And I am certainly interested to see what is going to happen in Kansas and South Dakota in November, and all across the country in the future!

***UPDATE 11:45 am ET*** – I’ve been getting a lot of feed back from partisans on both sides pointing out the specific dynamics at play in both of these races. I get that. I know that partisans are looking for any excuse they can find for why Americans hates them. One thing is fundamentally the same in both of the races sited here, and it’s the point of this post. Voters in Kansas and South Dakota are being presented with another option, and many of them are taking it.