Photo of the Day

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). I am offended that anyone thinks that they have a lifetime entitlement to the seat in the United States Senate. McConnell has been in the Senate for 30 years. In fact, he’s never had a job outside of government. He is the embodiment of the problem in Washington and he doesn’t deserve to realize his life-long dream of becoming Senate Majority Leader.

That’s what I think, and that’s why I howled when I saw this photo of McConnell casting his vote earlier today in Louisville. It should be mentioned that he and his wife “live” in one of the most liberal neighborhoods in Kentucky, Louisville’s Highlands. (They actually live in the liberal Capitol Hill neighborhood of DC.) The man photo-bombing the Senator with a “thumbs down” probably reflects the sentiments of a big majority of voters in that precinct.

Photo via Courier-Journal

I’ll be watching returns tonight at my mom’s house in Paducah, Kentucky. Paducah is in McCracken County in far western Kentucky. Pay attention to how the vote goes here. It used to be solid McConnell country, but not so much anymore because of some local issues. If it’s close this evening, then McCracken County will be a key indicator….maybe even the decider.

It should be a fun night watching returns. I do think the Republican Party will win enough seats to control the Senate, but I would love it if McConnell would be denied his life-long dream by losing his seat tonight.
Somebody else got a shot of this photo-bomb too. It’s a little clearer –