Having spent most of my career at the intersection of culture & politics, standing up for what’s right in the trenches of the culture wars, I can tell you that I have seen and learned a lot along the way. I’ve decided to share my experiences and thoughts about them in a book, and I’m pleased to announce that NO HOPE: Why I Left the GOP (And You Should Too) will be published in the fall by Skyhorse Publishing.

I can’t wait to share my behind-the-scenes stories, and the ugly truth I learned from my dealings with some of the biggest names in the conservative movement and the Republican Party. That ugly truth ultimately led me to leave the GOP last year. I’ll also take the opportunity to give my take on the current political landscape, and I will lay out my vision for a path forward in 2016 and beyond.

All of my gratitude and thanks go to my agent Christopher Rhodes, with the James Fitzgerald Agency, for hanging in there with me and brokering the publishing deal, and to Krishan Trotman, my editor at Skyhorse, for having the courage to take the risk to make this important project a reality. Thank you!

Now, I have to get to work to finish the book so that we can get it out in October – right smack dab in the middle of 2016 GOP presidential primary campaign. (Yes, I do have some very interesting stories about several of the candidates.)

You’ll be hearing more from me soon!


UPDATE! – You can now pre-order it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!