Stories of Independence

Independent-votersThose of us who are politically independent have all taken different paths in our political journeys. I am sharing the story of my evolution from team-player Republican to freethinking independent in my forthcoming memoir NO HOPE: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too). I want to share some of your stories of independence, too.

Are you a former Democrat or former Republican? Or have you always been independent? Why don’t either of the major political parties represent you? How did you come to join the 43 percent of Americans who don’t identify with a party? I’d love to share some of your stories this fall when I am promoting my book.

You see, there are many many people across the country who will relate to our frustrations with the parties. They’ll hear our stories and realize that they should leave the parties too. Will you help others to join the ranks of independents by sharing your experience and perspective?

Would you be willing to write a blog post or send a short video to tell everyone why you are politically independent? I’m looking for essays (250 – 1000 words) and videos (under 2 minutes). If you are willing to share your story on a new website I’m setting up for this purpose, please send them to Or email the same address if you have questions about it.

Just send me a note and we can talk about it.


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