I’m Ready for Hillary

I promised myself last year, when I declared my political independence, that I would never hide my true political beliefs in order to be a team player ever again. I committed to always saying just exactly what I think without regard of what others think about it. There may be times when many people agree with me, and other times when they don’t, but I resolved to always be true to myself.

To that end, I’ve decided to publicly register my choice in the 2016 presidential race. After watching the debates and considering all of the candidates, I’ve determined that I am ready.

Here’s part of what I wrote in a Huffington Post oped. –


This is my first presidential election as an independent voter. As a non-partisan, politically independent “normal person,” I have the freedom to objectively consider all candidates regardless of party. I don’t have the bias of political affiliation to tilt my point of view anymore. That freedom is something that I regret not embracing sooner. Now, I’ve taken a look at the candidates in both major parties, the minor parties, and even some possible independent candidates.

For me and other fiscally conservative, culturally modern voters who care about America’s place in the world, Hillary Clinton is the obvious choice for president in 2016.

To be sure, I disagree with Clinton on a number of specific policies, but no free-thinking American agrees with their candidate on every issue. That was obviously true in 2012 when I was the gay for Mitt, remember. It is important to judge the candidates on more than just their positions on specific issues. It’s their experience, depth of knowledge, and their vision of America that really matters. That’s because the vote for president is different and more important than any other vote we cast.


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