I Told Ya So!

Last fall, I published a book about the GOP’s untenable coalition that includes a segment of white America who is uncomfortable with people who aren’t like them. My memoir, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too), chronicles my experience and observations as a culturally modern person who tried to help the GOP evolve culturally. Attitudes and policy positions regarding immigration, religion, sexual orientation, and other cultural areas led me to conclude that there’s No Hope that the GOP will ever win a national election again. Too many of them simply reject our modern multicultural reality.

The fact that Donald Trump is their likely nominee for president makes my point. (FYI – The organization I co-founded and led, GOProud, invited Trump to give his first speech as a potential candidate at CPAC in 2011. Yes, I started it. Sorry.) He demonizes people who are different to play on the GOP’s fears and discomfort with others. He promises to put “Americans” first. Of course, that means Americans who are like him. In Trump’s America the Mexicans will be deported, the Muslims will be banned, and gays won’t be able to be married. Then, America will be great again!

Check out my book. It will give you behind the scenes insight to what’s happening in the Republican Party today. Thanks!