GOProud and Trump

CNN has this story today about how the organization I co-founded, GOProud, helped to facilitate Donald Trump’s first political speech as a potential presidential candidate at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) back in 2011. I’ve written about that day numerous times, including in my book, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too).

GOProud and Trump recognized that the energy in the Republican Party is in the anti-establishment grassroots of the conservative movement. I worked to help them evolve culturally and to embrace our modern cultural realities. I eventually determined that there is no hope of that because they fundamentally reject our new multicultural America. They really aren’t comfortable with people who aren’t like them. Trump knows that fact too, and he is exploiting it.

He demonizes people who are different to play to the GOP’s largely straight, white, Christian fears and discomfort with others. He promises to put “Americans” first. Of course, that means Americans who are like them. In Trump’s America, the Mexicans will be deported, the Muslims will be banned, and gays won’t be able to be married. Then, America will be great again!

We were a good team back in 2011, both benefitting from that CPAC appearance, but we ultimately chose different paths. I chose to leave the GOP and he chose to double-down. That’s because I have a vision of America, like Hillary Clinton, that includes everyone, and Trump doesn’t.

I helped to coordinate his first speech as a potential candidate, but now I am working to make sure he never gives an inauguration speech!

(For the record, I am supporting Hillary Clinton for president this year.)

**UPDATE** – Politico has a new story that quotes my book and me. Check it out. -> Behind Trump’s CPAC deal gone bad