What Wikileaks Confirms for Us Outsiders and What We Can Do About It

While we should doubt the authenticity of some of John Podesta’s emails that were stolen by the Russian government and leaked by Wikileaks, we have learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes in Clinton-world from them. This week’s story about Clinton insider Doug Band and “Bill Clinton Inc” confirmed for political outsiders something that we have always known. The political and economic elite work to enrich themselves and their friends.

I’ve never met Doug Band, but I suspect he’s like most insiders who have made it in the establishment system. I’m sure he’s never had an original thought or idea, but he knows the right people. He’s an inside the box thinker who plays by all the rules, and kisses all the right asses. He’s the embodiment of what most Americans hate about the political and economic system.

The Doug Band story will hurt the Clintons politically because all politics is personal, and the story really hits home of a lot of us outsiders. It’s personal for us because we know that well-connected people like Band rake in millions, while the rest of us struggle for survival. The story reminds us of the barriers that slam us every day in our quest for the American Dream. We are reminded of all the unreturned phone calls and emails, and all the job applications that aren’t even acknowledged. It reminds us of our desperate search for a break that seems like it will never come. The story reinforces our belief that only those in “the club” will ever succeed in this country. 

Hillary Clinton will be hurt politically because doubt is cast on her assertion that she’s running to be our champion. Voters now, again, may question the motives of her and her family. The story won’t hurt her enough to cost her the election, but it will make it more difficult for future President Clinton to show us that she’s on our side.

I’ve written (here and here) about why I trust and support Hillary Clinton. She’s knowledgable and prepared to handle all the issues that will face the next president, but she’s got a lot to prove, even to a supporter like me. She’s got to prove that it’s not just talk and that she’s really in it for us, not only for her and her exclusive club of friends and advisors.

I trust that Clinton will deliver on that commitment to be our champion, but the reality is that there’s really only so much the president can do. We have to be champions for each other, too. It’s up to all of us to come together to work to make our country better for all of us, and we have got to do more outside of politics and government to help each other to realize our dreams.

Look, we all know that the political and economic elites don’t care about us, even if the president does. So screw ‘em. Let’s quite fighting them and each other in the political arena, and let’s focus our energy on being each other’s champions. Let’s spread more love and kindness and less fighting among ourselves. It’s the only way that most of us will ever get our chance at success and the American Dream.

Stay tuned, I’ll have a lot more to say about this in the near future….