The Red Cross

Most of you know that I spent a lot of my life working as a professional activist and political strategist. I still do a fair amount of political work, but my personal and professional life is more diverse now.

My motivation in politics has always been to help people and make our country better. I haven’t always felt like I was accomplishing that while being engaged in the never-ending political fight. I have sometimes lost sight of the fact that not all of the answers can be found with government and realized in the political arena. That’s kind of hard to remember when you get completely consumed by the political fighting!

I’ve decided that if my goals are really to help people and make our country better, then I should look for diverse ways to do that, in addition to engaging in politics. So I recently signed up to be a Red Cross volunteer! Nobody does more to help people who need it than the American Red Cross. I haven’t even done any training yet. I have just signed up and gone through the background check, but I’m excited to get started! 

It’s important for all of us to diversify our civic engagement to include endeavors outside of the political arena, in addition to our efforts in politics. We’ve got to diversify our activities to strike a positive balance and realize real change, instead of just getting caught up in the negativity of the never-ending political fight.

I chose to get involved with the Red Cross, but you don’t have to sign up for an organized way of helping people. You can change the world one person at a time, just by helping someone you know. Maybe you know someone who needs help realizing a dream. Think about how that would improve the life of just one American. And I’ll bet nothing will bring more satisfaction for you than helping someone to achieve their dreams!

Yes, let’s continue to fight it out in the political arena, but let’s not lose sight of the goal – to help people and make our country better. We can get closer to that goal if we diversify our civic engagement and help people directly.

Go do it!