Live from the Hive – Trump the Uniter

I did another one of my Live from the Hive discussions on Periscope today. It is just rambling talk about my bees, the garden, and current events.

I’m very worried about country under the leadership of President Trump, but I think that there is a positive and optimistic way to look at it. Trump is uniting the country. He’s causing a new unity, one that he’s not a part of, but he is uniting us!

The developing unity is what I hope to be a fundamental cultural shift away from the culture of confrontation and fighting, toward a new culture of civility and helping each other.

Check out what I had to say about it. –

NOTE: The connection cut out a couple of times. First, when I was showing the bees. Then again, when I started talking about President Trump’s reported desire to dramatically increase our nuclear arsenal. Also, yes, I know that I really need a haircut!!!! 🙂