Missing the Point

Have you ever seen so many partisans running around with their hair on fire as they were yesterday after a short excerpt from the forthcoming book by Donna Brazile, the former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, was posted on Politico? Oh boy, that was something! So much outrage and fighting!

The reactions have been predictable and totally expected. They are exactly what the publisher wanted in the campaign to promote the book, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House, which will be released on Tuesday. The most salacious parts of books are always what publishers want distributed ahead of a book’s release. That’s to garner significant media attention and discussion. Hachette, Brazile’s publisher, has been very successful in generating a lot of buzz, that’s for sure.  Continue reading “Missing the Point”

I Told Ya So, Senator Flake

As I watched US Senator Jeff Flake’s speech yesterday, when he announced that he isn’t running for another term in 2018, I couldn’t stop nodding my head in agreement. He spoke eloquently about problems in the Republican Party and politics in general, and he laid out a case for why there isn’t a place for him as an elected Republican. He acknowledged that a principled conservative, like him, just couldn’t win a Republican primary election. He was right.

Then, I began shaking my head. All I could think was, I told ya so!

My book!

A couple of years ago, my book, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too), was published. It received a lot of attention because of the behind-the-scenes stories I shared about my experiences inside the GOP around issues affecting LGBT Americans. I wrote about those first-hand experiences as examples of broader cultural problems with the modern conservative movement and Republican Party.

The over-arching theme of the parts of the book that related to the problems in the GOP was the party’s fundamental rejection of our modern multicultural reality. I wrote that issues just don’t matter, and in fact, the words “conservative” and “Republican” just don’t mean what they did before. I said that the base of the Republican Party rejects anything and anyone that don’t conform with them culturally – straight, white, christian. I also said that being a team-player and never dissenting is more important to them than ideological principles.  Continue reading “I Told Ya So, Senator Flake”

Trump the Uniter

I wrote a new post over at Medium today, Trump the Uniter. It’s about how President Trump, in his constant desire to divide and fight, is actually uniting Americans. I wrote:

With his fighting and his never-ending perpetuation of an ‘us versus them’ narrative, Trump is actually uniting us. He’s uniting us in a growing national movement toward civility and helping each other. He has sparked a backlash against his boorish behavior, and he’s actually helping to plant the seeds for a kinder, gentler America in the post-Trump years. We’re at the dawn of a new era of civility that will have very positive political implications.

I hope you’ll read the entire post. Check it out here.

Trump, No LGBT Champion

I hope you’ll check out this story today over at The Daily BeastTrump’s Gay Backers No Longer See Him as the Great Straight Hope. During last year’s campaign, President Trump promised to be a champion and good president for LGBT Americans, but the reality has been the opposite.

The reporter called me for comment, but I should note that the headline implies that everyone quoted in the article was a Trump supporter in the election. I was not. I publicly supported Hillary Clinton last year.

Here’s what I said.

“Trump’s supporters like to say, ‘It’s not what he says, it’s what he does that matters.’ That’s definitely the case when it comes to issues affecting LGBT Americans,” said Jimmy LaSalvia, who started the now-defunct conservative gay rights group GOProud along with Barron. “I never thought that Donald Trump was an anti-gay homophobe. I certainly didn’t think that when I met him back in 2011. But we’ve all learned a lot about who he really is since then. With his political pandering and posturing to endear himself to the intolerant wing of the GOP over the last few years, it doesn’t surprise me that this administration will go down as the most anti-LGBT in history.”

Read the entire piece here.



Live from the Hive – Trump the Uniter

I did another one of my Live from the Hive discussions on Periscope today. It is just rambling talk about my bees, the garden, and current events.

I’m very worried about country under the leadership of President Trump, but I think that there is a positive and optimistic way to look at it. Trump is uniting the country. He’s causing a new unity, one that he’s not a part of, but he is uniting us!

The developing unity is what I hope to be a fundamental cultural shift away from the culture of confrontation and fighting, toward a new culture of civility and helping each other.

Check out what I had to say about it. –

NOTE: The connection cut out a couple of times. First, when I was showing the bees. Then again, when I started talking about President Trump’s reported desire to dramatically increase our nuclear arsenal. Also, yes, I know that I really need a haircut!!!! 🙂

Guns, the New Cigarettes

With all the talk about guns and proposed public policy solutions aimed at reducing the numbers of gun-related deaths in America, I decided to write a short piece about what I think we can do help our culture evolve away from a culture that romanticizes the gun lifestyle and shooting. Let’s make guns the new cigarettes!

Read what I wrote over at HuffPost.

Let’s Make Guns the New Cigarettes 


There’s no simple solution to that complicated issue, but there are many things we can do over time to help the situation, and education should play a big part. Thanks for checking it out.