Wickliffe Mounds Historic Site

I spent some time this afternoon at the Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site in western Kentucky. It’s a very cool place that, about a thousand years ago, was a Mississippian village. The Mississippian people were the ancestors of the well known native tribes, such as Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole, etc…that would populate the southeastern United States many years later.

You should check it out if you are ever near the Wickliffe Mounds. I made this short video there.


Live from the Hive – Bee Waterer

I was live on Periscope earlier today talking about my bees and the waterer I made for them. I also took a tour around my vegetable garden and plugged my book at the end….all while in my bathing suit! (It’s a hot day and I was cleaning the swimming pool when I decided to make the video.)

I’ve put the video on YouTube to make it easier to view here. Check it out!

Time for Peace in Politics

I wrote a personal essay a few months ago about the toxicity of the confrontation-style of politics in America today, and the need for balance in our lives and positivity in our civic engagement. I wrote then about the negative consequences of being consumed by the political fight. I’ve been thinking a lot about that topic again today, in the wake of the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Virginia assailant appears to have been an extreme case of someone who was totally emotionally consumed by the political fighting. He was so wrapped up in it that he slipped the bounds of reality into a clear state of insanity. While his is an extreme case, his story holds a lesson for us all.

It’s time to end the nasty “us versus them” confrontation-style political engagement that has become the norm in our country. It’s not good for our country, and it’s not good for us as individuals. Let’s focus our efforts on positive forms civic engagement to make our communities and country better. Let’s come together and help each other and help our country.

We are all Americans.

I’m not going to go on and on here, but I hope you’ll check out the links below to pieces I’ve written in the last few months on this subject.

Striking a Positive Balance: Political Self-Help in the Age of Trump The Daily Beast   (A similar draft is also posted on Medium with photos…including one of President Trump and me.)

It’s Time for More Positive Civic Engagement HuffPost

Thanks for reading. Be kind to each other.

Live from the Hive — Kathy Griffin Edition

I like to sit by my beehive in the garden and do my thinking. It’s my thinking spot. Every now and then, I’ll fire up Periscope and share some of what I’m thinking about.

Earlier today, I made this video with some thoughts about the recent controversy regarding Kathy Griffin, positivity, the upcoming Comey hearing on Capitol Hill, and of course, my bees! Check out the video. Here’s the YouTube version. ->


Disaster Action Team

Yesterday was my first day as a American Red Cross Disaster Action Team volunteer. Storms moved through western Kentucky on Wednesday night, and several families had damaged homes and they needed help.

I can’t tell you how good it felt to be able to help those folks. Both families couldn’t have been more grateful, and both families couldn’t have been more in need of the help. Neither had the resources to be able to recover without assistance.

My first thought when the Red Cross office called to see if I could go out and help was that I didn’t think the storms were that bad. Of course, they could have been worse in other areas, and indeed they were. The other reason the affected families needed help was that they just didn’t have shelter that was sturdy enough to weather a strong storm like that.  Continue reading “Disaster Action Team”

Beekeeping for Myself and All of Us

I’ve been writing and speaking a lot lately about the need for all of us to strike a positive balance in our civic engagement and our lives, in general. One of the things I’ve been doing in my effort to find that balance is beekeeping.

I posted over at Medium about how my beekeeping is something I can do for myself that benefits the greater good, too! I hope you’ll click over to Medium and read what I had to say.