Together for America

Many of you know that I have decided to support a Democrat for president for the first time in my life. (My endorsement of Hillary Clinton.) I’m not the only one! There are a lot of us. I have added my name to a list of prominent Republicans and independents who are supporting Hillary Clinton this year.

You can join the growing number of us here. ->

We are presented with two very different visions of America, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. This election is fundamentally about who we are as a country, and it’s so important to speak out and do whatever we can to elect Hillary Clinton president. Staying on the sidelines isn’t an option. That’s why so many of us are standing with her Together for America. I hope you’ll join us.

***UPDATE*** The Wall Street Journal has this post. -> Clinton Campaign Releases List of GOP Backers

Recent Press Links

I’ve been quoted in a number of recent national politics news stories. Here are the links to a few of those stories:

Log Cabin, Former GOProud Leader Differ on Mike Pence, The Advocate, July 15

An Openly Gay Speaker Will Address The GOP Convention For The First Time In 16 Years, Huffington Post, July 14

Donald Trump Picked His Running Mate And You’ll Never Guess Who It Is, Elite Daily, July 14

Here’s everything gay advocates think is wrong with the Republican Party’s platform, Rare, July 13

Trump’s LGBT support after Orlando excites some, angers others, Newsday, June 23

Obama visits Orlando as Trump tries to get gay support, Bay Area Reporter, June 23

Weed Your Garden

Little basil plant coming up in the garden.

Yesterday I was surveying the garden, checking on the progress of things I’ve planted this spring. I was so disappointed to see that the basil seeds I planted a few weeks ago didn’t appear to have germinated. I only saw one little plant coming up. I planted a lot more seeds than that!

There was a ton of weeds and grass growing in that little corner of the garden. I decided that I would pull the weeds and clean up that space so that I could plant some more basil seeds. Maybe I had just sowed the other seeds too early, I thought.

After I got down on the ground and started cleaning out the weeds and grass, I could see that there were more little basil plants coming up than I thought. There were ten of them! I just didn’t see them all because of all the weeds and grass growing around them.  Continue reading “Weed Your Garden”

Facebook Love for No Hope

I recently connected (through social media) with a reader of my book, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too). His name is Gavin Phillips, from Vancouver, Washington. He sent me a note on Facebook and said that No Hope was “one of the best books I have ever read!” He’s read it three times, and has given to his mom and friends to read, too!

He wrote a nice Facebook post about the book on March 14th. I just discovered it last night, and I wanted to share it here. It made my day! Here is what Gavin wrote:  Continue reading “Facebook Love for No Hope”