The Red Cross

Most of you know that I spent a lot of my life working as a professional activist and political strategist. I still do a fair amount of political work, but my personal and professional life is more diverse now.

My motivation in politics has always been to help people and make our country better. I haven’t always felt like I was accomplishing that while being engaged in the never-ending political fight. I have sometimes lost sight of the fact that not all of the answers can be found with government and realized in the political arena. That’s kind of hard to remember when you get completely consumed by the political fighting!

I’ve decided that if my goals are really to help people and make our country better, then I should look for diverse ways to do that, in addition to engaging in politics. So I recently signed up to be a Red Cross volunteer! Nobody does more to help people who need it than the American Red Cross. I haven’t even done any training yet. I have just signed up and gone through the background check, but I’m excited to get started!  Continue reading “The Red Cross”

I Told Ya So!

Last fall, I published a book about the GOP’s untenable coalition that includes a segment of white America who is uncomfortable with people who aren’t like them. My memoir, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too), chronicles my experience and observations as a culturally modern person who tried to help the GOP evolve culturally. Attitudes and policy positions regarding immigration, religion, sexual orientation, and other cultural areas led me to conclude that there’s No Hope that the GOP will ever win a national election again. Too many of them simply reject our modern multicultural reality.

The fact that Donald Trump is their likely nominee for president makes my point. (FYI – The organization I co-founded and led, GOProud, invited Trump to give his first speech as a potential candidate at CPAC in 2011. Yes, I started it. Sorry.) He demonizes people who are different to play on the GOP’s fears and discomfort with others. He promises to put “Americans” first. Of course, that means Americans who are like him. In Trump’s America the Mexicans will be deported, the Muslims will be banned, and gays won’t be able to be married. Then, America will be great again!

Check out my book. It will give you behind the scenes insight to what’s happening in the Republican Party today. Thanks!

Rethinking the Gun Culture

I hope that you will click over to Salon to read my latest post there. I also hope that you’ll read it and think about it before commenting!

We need to rethink our gun culture, and we need to recognize the political and cultural realizes around guns. Check out my take on it. (FYI – I didn’t write the headline!) –

Former GOP insider explains how politicians exploit gun culture: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the real reason why no one can talk sense about guns


images-1I was sitting outside of a coffee shop this morning working on my computer when heard a woman, who was on a balcony at her nearby residence, sobbing uncontrollably.

“I got the job! I got the job! I got the job! I got the job…,” she said over and over while on the phone with her mother delivering the good news.

I sat there and eavesdropped on most of her conversation. She had been without a job for over two years. She was truly dead broke, and desperate. The enormous relief she felt when landing the job caused her emotions to overflow during that phone call with her mother. Months and months of hopelessness were finally coming to an end for her. Continue reading ““I GOT THE JOB!””

American Exceptionalism

Immigrants---Generic-jpgToday, presidential candidate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press and voiced his support for building walls along the United States’s borders with Mexico AND Canada to keep immigrants from coming across the borders illegally. (Read about it here.) He and most of the other Republican presidential candidates have taken an ugly hardline approach to immigration that really bothers me.

I wrote last week that the definition of America is a that our country is a place that welcomes everyone from around the world. Immigration is why America was started in the first place. The way to solve the problem of illegal immigration is to increase the supply of visas so that people have the opportunity to immigrate legally. That’s the right thing to do, and it’s the American way. Continue reading “American Exceptionalism”