I Told Ya So, Senator Flake

As I watched US Senator Jeff Flake’s speech yesterday, when he announced that he isn’t running for another term in 2018, I couldn’t stop nodding my head in agreement. He spoke eloquently about problems in the Republican Party and politics in general, and he laid out a case for why there isn’t a place for him as an elected Republican. He acknowledged that a principled conservative, like him, just couldn’t win a Republican primary election. He was right.

Then, I began shaking my head. All I could think was, I told ya so!

My book!

A couple of years ago, my book, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too), was published. It received a lot of attention because of the behind-the-scenes stories I shared about my experiences inside the GOP around issues affecting LGBT Americans. I wrote about those first-hand experiences as examples of broader cultural problems with the modern conservative movement and Republican Party.

The over-arching theme of the parts of the book that related to the problems in the GOP was the party’s fundamental rejection of our modern multicultural reality. I wrote that issues just don’t matter, and in fact, the words “conservative” and “Republican” just don’t mean what they did before. I said that the base of the Republican Party rejects anything and anyone that don’t conform with them culturally – straight, white, christian. I also said that being a team-player and never dissenting is more important to them than ideological principles.  Continue reading “I Told Ya So, Senator Flake”

Together for America

Many of you know that I have decided to support a Democrat for president for the first time in my life. (My endorsement of Hillary Clinton.) I’m not the only one! There are a lot of us. I have added my name to a list of prominent Republicans and independents who are supporting Hillary Clinton this year.

You can join the growing number of us here. -> togetherforamerica.com

We are presented with two very different visions of America, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. This election is fundamentally about who we are as a country, and it’s so important to speak out and do whatever we can to elect Hillary Clinton president. Staying on the sidelines isn’t an option. That’s why so many of us are standing with her Together for America. I hope you’ll join us.

***UPDATE*** The Wall Street Journal has this post. -> Clinton Campaign Releases List of GOP Backers

Recent Press Links

I’ve been quoted in a number of recent national politics news stories. Here are the links to a few of those stories:

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Facebook Love for No Hope

I recently connected (through social media) with a reader of my book, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too). His name is Gavin Phillips, from Vancouver, Washington. He sent me a note on Facebook and said that No Hope was “one of the best books I have ever read!” He’s read it three times, and has given to his mom and friends to read, too!

He wrote a nice Facebook post about the book on March 14th. I just discovered it last night, and I wanted to share it here. It made my day! Here is what Gavin wrote:  Continue reading “Facebook Love for No Hope”

GOProud and Trump

CNN has this story today about how the organization I co-founded, GOProud, helped to facilitate Donald Trump’s first political speech as a potential presidential candidate at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) back in 2011. I’ve written about that day numerous times, including in my book, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too).

GOProud and Trump recognized that the energy in the Republican Party is in the anti-establishment grassroots of the conservative movement. I worked to help them evolve culturally and to embrace our modern cultural realities. I eventually determined that there is no hope of that because they fundamentally reject our new multicultural America. They really aren’t comfortable with people who aren’t like them. Trump knows that fact too, and he is exploiting it.

He demonizes people who are different to play to the GOP’s largely straight, white, Christian fears and discomfort with others. He promises to put “Americans” first. Of course, that means Americans who are like them. In Trump’s America, the Mexicans will be deported, the Muslims will be banned, and gays won’t be able to be married. Then, America will be great again!

We were a good team back in 2011, both benefitting from that CPAC appearance, but we ultimately chose different paths. I chose to leave the GOP and he chose to double-down. That’s because I have a vision of America, like Hillary Clinton, that includes everyone, and Trump doesn’t.

I helped to coordinate his first speech as a potential candidate, but now I am working to make sure he never gives an inauguration speech!

(For the record, I am supporting Hillary Clinton for president this year.)

**UPDATE** – Politico has a new story that quotes my book and me. Check it out. -> Behind Trump’s CPAC deal gone bad

I Told Ya So!

Last fall, I published a book about the GOP’s untenable coalition that includes a segment of white America who is uncomfortable with people who aren’t like them. My memoir, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too), chronicles my experience and observations as a culturally modern person who tried to help the GOP evolve culturally. Attitudes and policy positions regarding immigration, religion, sexual orientation, and other cultural areas led me to conclude that there’s No Hope that the GOP will ever win a national election again. Too many of them simply reject our modern multicultural reality.

The fact that Donald Trump is their likely nominee for president makes my point. (FYI – The organization I co-founded and led, GOProud, invited Trump to give his first speech as a potential candidate at CPAC in 2011. Yes, I started it. Sorry.) He demonizes people who are different to play on the GOP’s fears and discomfort with others. He promises to put “Americans” first. Of course, that means Americans who are like him. In Trump’s America the Mexicans will be deported, the Muslims will be banned, and gays won’t be able to be married. Then, America will be great again!

Check out my book. It will give you behind the scenes insight to what’s happening in the Republican Party today. Thanks!