Wickliffe Mounds Historic Site

I spent some time this afternoon at the Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site in western Kentucky. It’s a very cool place that, about a thousand years ago, was a Mississippian village. The Mississippian people were the ancestors of the well known native tribes, such as Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole, etc…that would populate the southeastern United States many years later.

You should check it out if you are ever near the Wickliffe Mounds. I made this short video there.


“Watch Out Obama!”

My friend Andrew Kirell posted this video on Facebook. I shared it on my Facebook page, too.

This illustrates one of the things that I wrote about in my book, No Hope. There are many in Republican Party who are out of touch with modern America, and they reject our multi-cultural reality. This couple is supporting a candidate who shares their view, Ted Cruz.

Hillary Clinton understands and embraces modern American culture, and that’s one big reason why I am supporting her in 2016.

Please watch this video and think to yourself. These people vote. Is this the country you want?